Shed Cave Stage One

I really love all the seasons but in November the days are short making it dark by the time we get home. There isn’t usually snow until mid December so we need something to do after work while we wait. And let’s face it, now that we have one we will probably use it all the time.

We wanted to build a bouldering cave in our shed so we started looking on kijiji, used Ottawa, and mec gear swap for some climbing holds. We didn’t have any luck.

We went climbing a week or two ago and ran into ODA which is Algonquin College’s Outdoor program. They had their ropes on one particular climb I had in mind that day and one of the instructors offered to share the rope with us, so we did. We got talking and next thing you know the deal was done and we began building.


I can’t really give you measurements or details on how to build your own climbing wall because really we just used what we had in materials and space and what didn’t fit Mike cut and it became a bit of a puzzle. We tried to make use of every sheet he gave us.

We worked on it over two days and by “we” I mean I helped hold stuff and get stuff while Mike drilled it all together. I still think that counts as me helping…

After finishing one section we decided to take a break with the building and actually get some holds up.


This was the fun part (for me). Although we still need more plywood, mattresses and holds… It’s a start.

If you ever want to make your own bouldering cave all you really need is
-3/4″ plywood sheets
– T-nuts
– holds
– skill saw, drill, screws, level, etc…
-some basic construction skills

Put all those things together and you should end up with something you can climb on.

We did 🙂


If you would like to see the progress in pictures with a short video clip of me climbing then click here.