Over a year ago I joined twitter and started following some people that my twitter account “suggested me to follow”. Not having a clue how to work it, I did what it told me, followed certain people and began cluelessly using twitter. There were all these @ # symbols that I had no idea what they meant. So I began #tryingstuff.
I used twitter mostly for following outdoor companies and for entering contests. Before I get into the omniten thing let me tell you what I have won through twitter:

~ Seasons pass for Calabogie Peaks
~ KEEN hiking shoes
~ $25 gift card for Wilderness Supply
~ Knife from a non profit organization called Out of Sight Out of Mind
~ Swany Gloves
~ A tote bag from Share Ontario
~ Lip chap from Climbon Products
~ Vapour Water Bottle from Girls at Play Kayaking

Yes I get a lot of junk mail and no it did not take up that much of my time.

Aside from entering contests I enjoy communicating with others who have a passion for the outdoors. And this is where the #omniten unfolds…

About a year ago I was following one of the first omniten seasons and that is where the omnienvy began. I began asking questions about how and why they were receiving free gear and what they had to do. I got a reply stating that I needed to have a blog and be an influence in social media. This is how Living on life was started. If you look back my first post was called Trying Stuff and as I read it now, I laugh, because what started with an attempt to get outdoor companies to recognize me ended in a rant about how people litter. I have a few posts related to this topic, it really bothers me. I didn’t actually think I would stick with blogging but once I started I realized how much I enjoy writing. I have always loved writing. Having a blog is like having an online journal but one that you must write knowing that others will be reading it.

I am not sure what I did but for some reason Columbia picked me to be one out of ten people to be an #omniten for the fall/winter 2013/2014 season.

I came home one day and found this on my door step

(It was pyjama day at work)

As you can tell from the look on my face I was extremely excited.


With this beautiful box came a lovely note


In the box there was a new winter jacket, snow pants, gloves, balaclava, and underlayers.


I just had to try it on right away


Since I know you are still wondering how or why I got this, here is what Columbia had to say ” #omniten is a group of ten people who we’ve identified as being particularly influential in the outdoor industry both on, and offline “

What does this mean?

I get the opportunity to be the first to test the latest Columbia gear as well as go on a trip of a lifetime!

What do they expect of me?

~Honest feedback
~Share my experiences
~ Start #tryingstuff

It is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I am impatiently waiting for winter now but in the mean time I have been getting good use out of my Columbia underlayers.


It is perfect for fall hiking and I cannot wait to try them out this winter as well as next spring under my drysuit while kayaking.

Have you ever owned anything Columbia that has the omniheat? Just to show you what it looks like I decided to put it on inside out


And went climbing.

The omniheat keeps you warm by reflecting back your body heat and the underlayers also have omniwick material which wicks away moisture to keep you dry.

And if that is not enough then you can turn it inside out and become an omnininja or whatever superhero you feel like being. 😉


I never thought they would choose me. So start #tryingstuff and you never know!

Thanks again Columbia!