Whitewater kayaking in Algonquin Park

The Upper Petawawa River is located in Algonquin Park and has a variety of whitewater ranging from Class III to Class V rapids. Since it is September, the water levels are at its lowest which can make the river much easier (or harder depending on how you feel about rocks). It was pouring rain but since we knew we were going to be wet anyways we didn’t let it bother us.
The first rapid has a boof you need to go over… If you haven’t been following my blog than I must tell you I am not the most confident kayaker and well, I have no idea how to boof. But I wasn’t about to walk the first rapid on the river. I watched one of the guys go over and with my fiance standing at the edge directing me where to go, I felt safe so I went for it and landed my first boof!
It was a good way to start the day off with a confidence booster. The river had a lot of rapids that we were able to boat scout which I liked but there were also many rapids that we needed to get out at and scout.
Scouting makes me nervous. If I have to get out of my boat to look at it then it makes me feel like it could be dangerous or have hard moves on it. The guys kept reminding me that we get out to look so we can see the lines. One thing that helped me yesterday was I would get out, see the line and literally run back to my boat, jump in and just do it. The longer I stand looking at something the longer it takes me to want to run it. This way I commit myself to run it right away instead of agonizing over it for too long and end up talking myself out of it.
It was an 8km paddle with a 40 minute hike in to the put in. It took us around 3 hours to run it since we scouted some stuff and the guys ran a couple sections a few times to show us “different options”.
I am a bit of a KEEN fan so I was pretty excited when the group showed up and 5 out of 7 of us were wearing KEENS. So of course, we had to have a shoe shot (missing one person in this photo).
I was very jealous of the KEEN gorge booties but my Clearwater CNXs performed quite well acting as a good hiking shoe as well as a water shoe.


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