One of Ontario’s many hidden gems

I have been fortunate enough to tick off 3 things that were on my bucket list this summer. So far I have ticked off Europe and hot airballooning. Today I got to tick off camping at Schooner Lake.
I camped a lot as a child but as I grew up I always had my eye on one specific spot, Schooner Lake. My parents always took me here on day trips to swim, fish, canoe, icefish, etc. But I had never gotten the opportunity to camp there. They use to camp there on their anniversary so it was a very special spot to them which made it a special spot to me too.
After being in Europe for most of the summer and after being in a wedding when we came back from Europe we hadn’t had much time for camping. So as soon as we had some free time we packed our gear, borrowed a fourwheeler from my dad and away we went. We would have loved to canoe into the lake but unfortunately that is a new item on my bucket list – BUY A CANOE. We headed in by fourwheeler which is always fun as there is a lot of mud you have to go through to get there.
Along the way we had to stop because Mike kept finding mushrooms. Our fourwheeler tour turned into a mushroom picking tour.

Mushroom picking is a great outdoor activity that provides you with fresh air and fresh food!

Picking and eating mushrooms can be very dangerous. Do not try this unless you know exactly what you are looking for. There are many books available on Edible mushrooms of Ontario.
Boletes are one of our favourites to find.


These Boletes we will cut and dry and then jar them. They are good for putting in stir fry, soup, spaghetti sauce, etc.


Another mushroom we came across along the way was The Chanterelle. This mushroom is one of nature’s finest delicacies. They can be found in grocery stores but are often costly and not the freshest. I happened to have made stir fry for our first night at the lake so The Chanterelles were a great side dish to have with it.


Schooner Lake is located in the more remote northwestern region of North Frontenac Park Lands. With it’s 24 campsites, clear deep lakes (there’s a round Schooner and a long Schooner lake) and it’s granite cliffs, Schooner Lake is a family favourite. For more information on Schooner Lake and the surrounding area click here: Schooner Lake


Aside from mushroom picking we spent the rest of our time relaxing in the hammock, cooking over the fire and swimming.


Sitting on the rocks we watched the sky go from a colourful sunset to a sky full of stars.


Ontario has so many hidden gems just like Schooner Lake that I want to explore. It may not have mountains or the ocean nearby but it has so much to offer. I wouldn’t trade our fresh water lakes for anything.