Hot air ballooning over Canada’s Capital

Have you ever made a bucket list? Have you ticked anything off? I have had an ongoing bucket list for years. I find once I finally tick something off it doesn’t make much of a difference because I have usually added more. One thing that has always been on my bucket list is hot air ballooning. Why? Why not! The sight of hot air balloons in the sky always made me wonder what it would feel like to be the one looking down from the sky, floating by nothing but a balloon and some hot air.
I booked two tickets a few years ago and have tried booking this adventure 5 times before I was finally able to fly. Every other try it was canceled due to weather. The conditions have to be perfect. After going up in one, I understand why. The pilot has some control over the balloon but only a little bit of control over which direction it goes. We flew with Sundance Balloons for a sunrise flight. We met at Carleton University where the Balloons were being set up for our flight.

Mike even got to help with the setting up part!


Once the balloon was filled with air we all hopped on and took off for the sky. I love flying so I was excited to be in the sky. It was so peaceful floating in the sky over the city. As I was taking it all in I felt a jolt of hot air on my neck!

I laughed when I realized it was just the pilot adding hot air into the balloon so we could go higher.


Ottawa really is a beautiful city to fly over, especially by balloon!

My KEEN Emerald City sandals were my choice of footwear for this memorable adventure because afterwards we would be shopping in the Nation’s capital and I wanted to be comfortable.

Even though we were prepped before hand about the landing, it was still not what I expected. I guess it only makes sense if the bucket starts on it’s side it will end on it’s side, which made for a good laugh!

For those of you with bucket lists, I would be adding hot air ballooning to it. I went from ticking off hot air ballooning on my bucket list to adding hot air ballooning in another country to it … 😉