Engaged at 2500m

We woke up to a sky full of clouds. We could barely see the mountains but decided to go for our hike anyways. Mike wanted to take me to the top of Rysy which is a mountain in the High Tatras in Slovakia.
It is 2500m high and takes around 4 hours to hike up. We got up at 5am and started at 6am in hopes to beat the weather (storms are known to happen quickly in the mountains) and it had been raining the day before and was cloudy in the morning so it was not looking promising. Luckily we started off with a bit of a view.


We continued on with a positive attitude and high hopes that there would be a good view at the top. Once we got out of the woods the trail turned into switchbacks that crossed a stream.



It may look like the clouds had lifted but where we were going was still in the clouds. The view hiking up was beautiful in itself and it makes it easier with a view like that. What also makes hiking up a mountain easier is good shoes! My KEEN Bryces kept my feet comfortable and happy the whole way up.


After 3 hours of hiking I was excited to see snow and a string of prayer flags. This indicated that we were getting close to the peak or atleast close to the alpine hut that had hot food. From there we were an hour away from the peak.



After enjoying a hot bowl of garlic soup we continued on towards the peak. It was all rocks and clouds from here!



2500m later and we reached the top of Rysy. We had a couple seconds of a view and a couple minutes of snow!


We waited for the people up there to leave and Mike set up the tripod. We take the tripod with us on occasion because I love my self timer shots and if no one is around atleast we can get pictures together this way. I sat down and waited for Mike to join me. All of a sudden the camera started clicking away taking a shot every second, at this moment I knew what was coming. He got down on one knee and proposed.


Ready to cry and happier than ever, I obviously said yes.

After 8 hours of hiking up and down 2500m in rain and snow, without a view, it was well worth it because now I get to marry my best friend!




I really love the ring. But I love the person who got it for me even more.



He was happy to see this at the bottom!


All photos were taken on our iphones. I was too excited to wait the couple days to get to a computer to download the pictures from the good camera.

Time to celebrate. Cheers!