Climbing in Slovakia

We have only been in Slovakia for less than a week but had the opportunity to go climbing twice already. Before we left we had debated even taking our gear and now we are quite thankful that we did. Mike’s family is from Slovakia and his dads cousin happens to be an excellent climber. We were fortunate enough to have him take us out to climb in Trencin. Looking at the climbs, I thought to myself that they didn’t look too hard and I may be able to even lead a few. But we let his uncle (that’s what we call him) Milan lead the first one so we could try it on top rope and am I ever glad we did. Living in Eastern Ontario I got use to climbing on granite and nothing else. The rock we climbed in Slovakia was limestone and it is a very popular climbing spot so it was also quite polished. I found it very slippery and difficult to climb. Still fun though!


You will notice in the picture above that his cousin is wearing socks… The reason is that he finds it hard to put his shoes on when his feet are sweaty. He is 52 years old and is an amazing climber. Socks or no socks he is pretty awesome.



Milan asked if we wanted to climb the next day somewhere different and of course our answer was yes. We headed to the Kamenne Vrata (Rock Gates) for a day of climbing. It was limestone but not near as polished because this place is not climbed as much as the other spot. This spot requires a 2km hike uphill through the forest. I loved that part. His wife and child came with us as well as Mike’s parents.


Their child, Simon, is 3 years old and wanted to climb. They made him a harness and he climbed around on some of the rocks. He also wanted to help belay so we let him pretend. 🙂

I really enjoyed climbing here. The view from the top was spectacular. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the view. But we got lots of pictures from the bottom.

In between climbs in Slovakia it is common to cook food over an open fire. We had quite the food spread. It was delicious. Homemade sausages, fresh bread, vegetables from the garden…



Another thing I loved about climbing here is at the main part of the cliff there is a metal case with a notebook in it for people to sign and write in. I love that idea and hope to bring it back to Canada. I would love to have a book like that at our local climbing spot in Calabogie for people to sign.


Another highlight from climbing in Slovakia was that Mike’s dad tried climbing for his first time at the age of 56 and did great!


I am really enjoying Slovakia. His Uncle gave us a guide book so when we come back again we will know where to climb. We will definitly be coming back. It is a beautiful place.