Litter Bugs

Another litter rant. I apologize to those who don’t care but once again I need to vent.
Yesterday my friends and I went to Limestone Lake to fish. The last time I posted my litter rant I actually mentioned that the garbage at this lake was not that bad. So a couple weeks later we came back to discover a lake full of beer cans and beer bottles.
I have had friends in the past who have watched me pick up litter or heard me talk about it and have said “people are going to keep littering whether you pick it up or not, you will never be able to clean it all” and they are right. People will still litter. I never will be able to clean it all. But that is not going to stop me from picking up litter. The world may not change because I gathered a garbage bag of cans but atleast the next person camping there may appreciate a clean campsite and be happy when they catch a fish instead of a pop can.
I can not sit down and enjoy nature if there is garbage around me. It is not me and it never will be me. I had my dressed pulled up over my waist walking through the water collecting beer cans yesterday. It was disgusting. The only reason I post pictures of myself picking up litter and write blogs about it because if I can inspire just ONE person, just ONE, after reading this or looking at my pictures to go out and collect a bag of litter than that will be ONE less garbage bag full of garbage littered in nature. It may be ONE less piece of plastic that an animal will choke on etc. So please, put a garbage bag in your truck or car and next time you stop at a pretty picnic area on the side of the road, or go camping, or go to the park with your kids, pick up any garbage you see.