Girls night

I have always been a bit of an adventure junkie and outdoor enthusiast. I love being out on the water or sitting by a fire. I use to find it hard to find someone to do those things with. There was always excuses, no time, or maybe just no interest. Within the last couple years I made a really good friend, Sarah. Bored with the late night drinking, lack of motivation and only being outside if it involved a motor, we made a connection and became good friends. Together we cross country skiied miles, kayaked bridge to bridge, and hiked to beautiful lakes. It was so nice to finally have someone to do those things with. Mike does all those things with me too, and then some, but it is nice to have a girl to do those things with. My bf is away this weekend so right away Sarah and I made plans to have a girls night and this is why I love her so much. Our girls night consisted of kayaking,


Stand up paddle boarding,





Taking pictures of our shoes, because we absolutely love our KEEN clearwater CNX


And the best way to end a great evening, a bonfire, which unfortunately I did not take a picture of.

I have wrote before about how important it is to share your passions with your partner but I think it is just as important to have a friend to share those passions with as well. So thank you Sarah for being that friend who I can count on to get our hair wet, shoes dirty and a back full of mosquito bites because nothing can stop us.