Leave only footprints

I know this won’t be the most interesting blog for some people but I am more so writing it because I need to vent.

During the week we try to do atleast one outdoor activity a night. We went biking, seadooing, did some gardening and on Thursday I decided to take Mike to some of the beautiful lakes in the area. He is new to the area so there are still a lot of lakes that he has yet to explore. I was pretty excited to show him two new beautiful lakes. The first lake we went to is called Limestone Lake. I was pleased to see that there was no garbage and that the last people who camped there took care of the site.


We continued our tour and our next stop was Wabun Lake which is a popular camping spot, especially on May Long weekend. When we arrived at the lake instead of Mike saying “wow, it is so beautiful” he said “wow, this is disgusting”.


I was disappointed immediately, not by his comment but by the fact that someone who went there to camp and enjoy nature for the weekend left it that way. I have camped many times in my life. I grew up camping. One thing that was drilled into my brain as a child was to never litter, never leave my garbage, and if there was garbage, I was taught to pick it up. Luckily, I travel around with a garbage bag in the back of my truck for these kind of occasions but one was not enough. We will have to go back again with a few more bags to finish cleaning it. But look at the difference one garbage bag can do.



I don’t understand how people can litter.
I don’t understand why people would litter.

Especially when they were out camping or fishing. That should mean that they love nature and being outdoors, no? Then how can they leave it like that?

To end this rant, I am going to post a picture that is not mine. These are pictures I found off google and put into a collage so I can show people the RESULTS of littering. If I can inspire one person with this blog to throw a garbage bag in their vehicle and pick up litter whenever possible then it was worth writing. If not, atleast I got to vent a little.

Please think of animals when littering or when you see litter.