Shared Passions

I find it interesting looking through the stats on my blog. The one blog that got the most views was a blog where I mentioned a “past relationship”. Not only did I get a lot of views on this blog but I got texts that day about it, it created a bit of drama. I had no intentions of hurting anyone or creating any conflict over it. It seems like that is what some people prefer to read about though. And it is true. Think of facebook and the drama it causes. Most people have facebook just to “creep” people, the rest have it to keep in contact with friends far away I am assuming. Regardless, how many times have you heard “did you see what she put up on FB or did you see that picture?” It goes on. People love drama. That’s why there are those star magazines and stuff.
It makes me wonder, if I really want my blog to get noticed should I juice it up a bit…? But I don’t have anything bad to say about anyone. I can’t complain, I really do love my life. So that brings me to the rest of this post which is what the title is about… Shared Passions

I think it is important to have a friend and/or to be with someone who shares your passions with you. It makes it hard when you dream of doing all these things, going to all these places but don’t have anyone to do it with. I have found someone to share all my passions with and it makes such a difference. I no longer write in my journal or little notebook about all the things I want to do someday, all the things I wish I could do, making my bucket list bigger but never scratching anything off of it. Now I just go out and do those things. I say “I feel like iceclimbing today”, he says “you pack the food and I will pack the gear”. It is great!

I always use to feel like something was missing. Some of my friends would call me “weird” for the things I wanted to do or try. They thought I was crazy. Some friends thought I was brave but had no interest to tag along. The thing is, all these sports I am in love with and things I want to do usually have to involve another person due to safety. Safety and it always makes it better. Now I can kayak and feel safe, I have a permanent belayer, I have a shoulder to sleep on when on a plane and I have someone to share all my passions with who is also someone I share all my secrets with.

If you feel like there is something missing ask yourself “do I have someone to share my passions with?”