Hell or Highwater

Yesterday was the fifth year for the whitewater event, Hell or Highwater. This event is held in the town of Petawawa and it was started to raise awareness of the importance of the Petawawa River and to save it from being dammed. It is under threat by a hydro electric project. They do not realize the importance of the recreation this river provides to locals and to tourists which as anyone knows helps build the economy of the area.
The festival is to promote the recreational use of the river. It is so important to have a river like this in the area. This is how nature was intended to be and if it doesn’t need to be changed, it shouldn’t change. The river is used by many kayakers, fisherman and outdoor lovers. If this is taken away from them then what will the youth of Petawawa do? This is how kids end up playing video games and sitting inside, or doing other things they shouldn’t be doing when their favourite outdoor activity is taken away from them.
You can find out more information by checking out http://www.hohw.ca
I have participated in this event the past two years. Both years I have had a raft in the race but didn’t race to compete, I entered the event to support the cause and introduce some friends to my love for whitewater. This year was a bit cooler than last year and the sun was hidden by the clouds most of the day. There was still a great turn out for participants but not as many spectators as last year. Weather is always a very important factor in these type of events but it is something that can’t be planned nor changed. Regardless of the weather it was a great day on the water. We made it through our practice run upright but flipped on our race run. My friends who were new to the sport came out with smiles on their face after swimming in the cold water so my mission was accomplished. I may have got a few more people addicted to whitewater.
I have included two videos, one of my friends and I in our raft at HOHW flipping after going through lovers and the second video is Mike boofing into Windigo just because.

PS. Lesson learned for the day: when wearing a go pro, make sure you learn how to use it before actually going to use it. I thought I had it on video but instead it was taking photos. I was a bit disappointed.