This is why I love Ontario

Growing up I loved where I lived. My parents have a large piece of property that I was able to enjoy as a kid. When I got a bit older (teenage years), I started to hate where I lived. I wanted to move out west to the mountains or out east to the ocean. I wanted to teach english in other parts of the world. Anywhere but here. I look back on it now as an adult and realized the reasons why I hated where I lived so much. It wasn’t the area but more so my teenage mind wanting freedom, to run away from things, to start fresh. I didn’t need to move away to do any of that. I found myself throughout the years and I am currently happier than ever. Why change that?
That brings me to tonights blog. Why I love Ontario. Let me start off by saying that I love to travel, there are so many places I want to go, see and do. But when it comes down to having a permanent residence, Ontario it is. This is why…

It is May 7 and in the past month I have whitewater kayaked many times, enjoying the spring run off, climbed with friends, flatwater kayaked down different rivers, found antlers in my backyard while walking, had a “snow day” at work, went seadooing, fished and tonight we went wakeboarding and wakeskating.
At first we thought it might be a bit cold so we packed the dry suits just incase but then when we got to our friend Kens, we felt the water and decided to bare it, literally. In just shorts and swimsuits we went out on the water. We started off from the dock thinking if we started in the water it may feel cool once we got moving but that was not the case. It was so nice that it didn’t matter if we fell in. The water felt like summer.
I love that we don’t have to wait for weekends to have fun. Anything and everything we enjoy doing can be done because we live close to a bit of everything.

I really do love Ontario!