It makes me feel alive

Mike made me my first ever kayaking video. It is just a series of the GoPro footage we took from running Constance Creek the other night. I have ran it 3 times this year and only swam 1/3 times due to a silly mistake (it’s in one of my previous posts). I learned my lesson and have been successful ever since. I kept the flatwater sections in the video because I wanted to show the whole creek. Well, it is not the whole creek because the creek is much longer than this but it is the whole section we run. I hope to run the drop you see at the beginning of the video next year. I need to work on a few things before conquering that though. It is called Nathan’s nightmare for a reason.
You will notice I run into Mike a few times in this video. That is because I am trying to stay close to him so I make sure I make the line. Although after running this section so much I feel like I could probably lead it soon. It’s funny because my mentality for leading in kayaking is way different than my mentality for leading in climbing.
Anyways, considering I am still a beginner, maybe a novice making my way towards intermediate after doing this creek (it is a class III/IV+ creek depending on the level and which section) I was pretty proud of myself for making it through without flipping or swimming. I watched a few of my friends who are much better paddlers than I, some even sponsored, who flipped on this creek. So I did have some butterflies in my stomach going through some parts. But that feeling is worth the feeling I get at the bottom when I realize I made it through still somewhat dry! If we left the regular audio on the video you would hear my success.

It really does make me feel alive.

Heres my video: