Smore addiction

Alright, well this one is not going to be so much about my love for the outdoors but more so my love for smores. I would like to say they go together in some sort of way.

As a kid I camped a lot with my dad. We went to Algonquin park quite often and I faintly remember cooking smores. What I remember best about my camping trips with dad is cooking KD (Kraft Dinner) and then using the noodles afterwards to catch minnows. It actually worked really well!
I am not sure where my smore addiction came into play but a couple years ago I decided to get creative and experiment with different chocolates. I can no longer go camping or to a bonfire without taking along a variety of chocolate.
I have a board on pinterest dedicated to smores. My friend was a little upset last night because she didn’t get the chocolate option text… Sorry Sarah!
But that is what it has came to. My friends know if there’s a fire and I am around, then there will be roasted smores and melted chocolate.

So here are some tips for those who are smore virgins:

If there are a lot of people, use a stick thats shaped like a Y so that you can roast for 4 people at a time or 4 for yourself, depending on your addiction. I like to call it a “dual point roasting stick.”

Do not burn the marshmallow unless that is your preference. Keep it golden brown.

Best roasting comes from a hot bed of coals.

Have a bowl with graham crackers, marshmallows and broken pieces of chocolate so you are not playing with wrappers and wasting prime warm gushy marshmallow time.

And the most important thing is to take risks, try different kinds of chocolate. Some favourites are:
-reese peanut butter cups
-hersheys cookies n cream
-mint aero

You can also get rolos or mini eggs and stuff them in the middle of the marshmallow to change it up.

That is all! Did I make you get a craving?