From water to rock

Last summer was the first time I ever went rockclimbing outdoors. I had been to an indoor gym in Ottawa a couple times and always wanted to try going outdoors but I didn’t know anyone who would take me. I went to visit my sister out west last summer, she lives in beautiful Vancouver, and she introduced me to outdoor rockclimbing. My first ever outdoor climb was halfway to the top of the Cheif which is in Squamish, BC. They took me up an easier route but it was a great route for a beginner. I immediately fell in love.

Thanks Helen! 🙂

The nice thing about where I live is there is a little bit of everything to do around here. We live 5 minutes away from a beautiful cliff called Eagle’s Nest. You may catch me calling it Eagle’s Rest sometimes. It is not a large cliff but it is big enough to keep me entertained and it provides routes for all different levels of climbers. I loved it so much that for my Mike’s birthday I bought him a selfish gift… I got him 6 quickdraws so we could start sport leading. I have to say, it was one of those gifts where I gave to him but knew it would benefit me as well. I hope this doesn’t make me a bad person…
This winter we got into iceclimbing as well, and it is a lot of fun too. I still am not sure which one I prefer. I think I love both just as much because I am outside! As soon as the ice was off the cliffs we were there checking to see if it was dry enough to climb. This past weekend it was. So after kayaking Friday and having my successful run down Constance Creek we decided to go climbing and get the best of both worlds. These two wonderful sports I love to do are literally 5 minutes away from eachother. It is great. I started off by leading a 5.9 . It felt so good, the feeling of chalk on my hands, tight shoes and the sound of the click as I moved from bolt to bolt. It is definitly a passion of mine that I am so glad I got introduced to and I am thankful I have someone to pursue my passions with.

That’s important.