Trying Stuff

Lately I have been reading on twitter about people becoming sponsored and I have always wondered how they do so. I get that they are probably really good at something but what about the people who might not be a pro at one thing but do a bit of everything?
I am really not sure how to even go about this blog. What to write, how to write it. I personally would rather be outside right now, but was told that if you want to get sponsored then you have to love the outdoors and do some social media stuff.
So here goes nothing.

I love the outdoors so much that whether I am going kayaking, climbing, hiking, fishing, etc. I take a garbage bag wherever I go because I can not let myself walk by a pop can, candy wrapper, or empty work container. I realized this Spring why I love winter so much. I don’t love it just for iceclimbing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and icefishing, but more so for the fact that snow is a beautiful white blanket that covers up the litter from inconsiderate people. When I am driving home from work I see deer jumping over fences, turkeys gathered in a snow covered field and trees bent over making a snow covered arch to drive under. It is beautiful. Then the snow melts, the birds come back and there is a sparkle in the ditches as I drive along. It isn’t a beautiful sparkle but a saddening sparkle of peoples beer cans, pop cans, tin foil from cigarette packs, etc. I will never understand it. This is why once the snow has melted I carry garbage bags on me wherever I go. I can’t put my paddle in the water, put my climbing shoes on my feet, or take a cast before making the garbage disappear so it is out of sight and out of mind.

Is that not a true love of the outdoors?

Put a garbage bag in your vehicle and pick up some litter. I promise it will make you feel good if nothing else.