Winter at Mew Lake

This past Spring we stayed in one of the yurts at Mew Lake and the whole time we were there we talked about how we would love to stay in a yurt during the winter.   So we decided to… Continue reading

Canoeing With A Toddler

We took our daughter for her first canoe ride when she was 5 months old down the Bonnechere River.  It was pretty easy.  She wore her life jacket and sat on my lap… Continue reading

Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park

This was our first time staying at Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park and even though it rained 2/4 of the days we camped there, we still had an amazing time and it’s now… Continue reading

Horse Country Campground

Whenever I think of the Ottawa River by Wilderness Tours I think of whitewater rafting and kayaking, not horseback riding.  I use to take riding lessons as a kid so when we stumbled… Continue reading

Bonnechere Provincial Park

I think the Fallen Tree Cabin at Bonnechere Provincial Park is going to become a new yearly tradition of ours.  This was our second time staying here and we enjoyed it just as… Continue reading

Canoe Camping on the Madawaska

When everyone told us our life would change because we had children we were in a bit of denial, but they were right. It did change (for the better).  But instead of denying… Continue reading

Mew Lake Yurt

We recently had the opportunity to stay in a yurt at Mew Lake Campground in Algonquin Park.  Mew Lake campground is open all year round and is located at KM 30.8 of HWY… Continue reading

Silver Lake and Sharbot Lake Provincial Park

This weekend we went to Maberly to get chickens.  When I found out we were going to Maberly, which is just 30km West of Perth, I searched online for places we could stop… Continue reading

Baby in Bahamas

We recently went on a trip with our daughter to Grand Island Bahamas.  We spent a week at Memories Grand Bahamas in Freeport.  This was our first trip down south with a baby… Continue reading


I’ve never snowshoed so much in my life as I have this year.  Normally we spend our winters ice climbing and cross country skiing but since Lux can’t ice climb yet and we… Continue reading